Fruit Magic is our Best Selling Garnish, especially around the Holidays. People love Fruit Magic because it transforms ordinary Desserts into extraordinary Desserts. Add it to any Dessert with Whipped Cream for beautiful color and fruity crunch.

Veggie Meadow is another Holiday Favorite because it's the perfect Butter Board Topping, plus is a popular addition to Stuffings, Dressings and Casseroles.

How about some Edible Flowers to add color and texture to your plates? Try some Bluetiful and Flower Power.

Do you want to add the crunchy texture of Bacon Bits or Croutons to your Salad, but want to avoid the calories? Try Soy Crunch!

Chile Threads are the perfect Garnish for Blackened Scallops, Shrimp and Grits and even Chili Fudge Brownies.