Back in the first days of creating Spice Blends at Würzpott, we challenged our Chefs to come up with the Perfect Italian Spice Blend that contained all of the flavors of Italy. After several failed attempts, the Chefs came to the conclusion that you can't pack all of the flavors of Italy into one spice blend. You really need Six Spice Blends to cover all of the unique flavors of Italy, so that is what Wurzpott has for you! 

Do you want to experience Southern Italian Flavors? Try Amore Mio and Mamma Limone

How about Northern Italian? You'll need Tutto Italiano and Napoli Lemon Zest

Are you looking for the robust Tomato flavors you might find in Little Italy in New York?  Pick up some Pizza! Pasta! Basta! and Tomatino Pepperino!