Wurzpott Gourmet Spices, Spice Blends and Dry Rubs are now available in the USA! Wurzpott was Founded in Germany in 2021 with the belief that, “Great Food Starts with Great Ingredients”. Our Founders scoured the Earth in search of the best Spices and Herbs, then worked with World Renowned Chefs to create the perfect Spice Blends and best Dry Rub Recipes that can be shipped directly to your doorstep!   Wurzpott starts with the highest quality Spices and Herbs with no unnecessary flavor enhancers, no artificial additives, and no preservatives. We pack them in airtight glass jars with medal lids, that pop you hear when you open a jar of Wurzpott Spices is the sound of freshness. The Wurzpott Aroma Safe Process guarantees freshness and guarantees that the amazing aromatics won’t be released until you open your jar. With 47 Gourmet Spices and Spice Blends available now, and 3 New Releases coming in early 2023, Wurzpott has all your culinary needs covered!

What Can You Do With Wurzpott Spices?


Grilling Steak? Cover it with King of Meat!
Grilling or Roasting Chicken? Try our Chicken Rub combined with Peppa Lemon or Peppa Orange.
Pork Chops? Try a little Here, Piggy Piggy or Smoky Cowboy!
How about Lamb Chops? Hit them with the Lamb Champ! Don’t worry, it’s not only about the Meat! 
Sea Salt & Herbs is perfect for Grilling, Roasting or Steamed Vegetables. 
Veggie Meadow and Smoky Garlic Crunch make perfect toppings for Butter Boards, Salads and Potatoes.
Spicy Nuts? Try Curry Red, Aloha Curry or combine Sweet Paprika and Smoky Paprika.
How about Desserts? Add Fruit Magic to Brownies and you will be invited to all of the Parties.
Are you starting to understand what we mean when we say, “We Bring Spice to Life”?
Give our Spices a try, your taste buds will thank you! For more information, please contact us at info@wurzpott.com

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